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Konservativt Forum (KF), meaning ”Conservative Forum”, is a centre for "classical" conservatives in Sweden and a platform for conservative thinking and networking. KF stands independent of party politics, and gathers members of the established center-right parties, as well as of other organizations and associations relating to conservatism and conservative issues.

KF was formed in 2002 by three students, based on their personal networks. To avoid any risk of getting associated with right-wing extremism of any kind, KF has been very restrictive in registering new participants, and has focused on associating those who show or already have shown a distinguished and developed capability of classical conservative analyzis. Today, KF has about 90 participants, from all over Sweden and ranging from 17 to 60 years of age.

KF:s most well-known event so far was a conference in the summer of 2005, gathering 40+ personally invited conservatives from all over Sweden, representing the different generations of conservatives at KF relatively well. Most of the attendants at the conference are members of either of the centre-right parties “Moderata Samlingspartiet” and “Kristdemokraterna”. The conference, lasting two days, presented four established and prominent conservative speakers, and KF:s development was discussed in terms of what we have today and what possibilities there are and can be for the future of Swedish conservatism.

This was the first organized national gathering of classic conservatives in Sweden for more than two decades. This is partly due to the fact that “Moderata Samlingspartiet” has been the definite homestead for conservatives until some fifteen years ago, and partly due to that several earlier attempts on organizing Swedish conservatism have failed to keep the right-wing extremists away and thus never have achieved enough legitimity to be able to make enough people interested in a conference only for conservatives. Since the beginning, confidence and legitimity has been the guiding stars for KF. The Swedish conservative conference of 2005 was discussed by three Swedish magazines during fall 2005: the christian democratic magazine Kristdemokraten, the anti-communistic magazine Tidskriften Contra and the magazine for conservative students Tidskriften Heimdal.

Every year since, KF has been organizing conferences and also seminars.

When it comes to the conservative ideas as such, one of KF:s main purposes is to present the classic conservatism in its entire spectrum of nuances, a spectrum that must be considered as completely unknown in Sweden outside of a relatively limited circle of academics. KF has no political program that can be called its own, since we do not want to be considered as a political organization, but as a meeting point for conservatives. The basic conservative values that we want to shade light over through the very existence of our forum are, all the same: the historical and cultural context is the necessary starting-point for the understanding of oneself and of ones fellow human beings; the natural communities must be the foundation of a civilized social order; continuity is fundamental for social development and the wanted advancement; the family is and must be considered the very brick of society and social life; the citizens have right to freedom under liability; a state power is necessary for safeguarding order, democracy and personal freedom; and -- the principle of subsidiarity is of vital importance, a higher level of decission-making shall not deal with questions that can be decided on a lower level.

On KF:s site,, the forum has collected a large number of articles by well-known Swedish conservative writers, being the largest open electronical library of modern day Swedish conservative thinking available, and authorized by the authors. New articles are added on a regular basis.

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